United Nations Environment Programme
Division of Technology, Industry, and Economics
Economics and Trade Branch

Integrated Research and Action for Development (IRADe), India

IRADe is a fully autonomous advanced research institute, which aims to conduct research and policy analysis, train people and be a network among various stakeholders including government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), industry, corporations, and academic and financial institutions. The main objectives of IRADe are:
To develop understanding that integrates multi-stakeholder perspectives concerning issues of development
To develop capacities among professionals for multidisciplinary multi-stakeholder policy analysis
To disseminate ideas and insights to promote sustainable and inclusive development
To promote inclusive development at the global level and provide research support to developing countries to better negotiate international agreements.

Main focus areas:
Sustainable Development: trade-offs between environment and human well-being
Natural Resource Management
Environmental Policy Design using economic instruments
Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Accounting
Valuation of wetlands, natural resources, forests and environmental degradation
Integrated Assessment using
i.  CGE models
  ii.  Micro models
  iii.  Sector models
  iv.  Resource models
Energy/Environment/Health/Gender interactions
Development of teaching material based on real life case studies in developing countries
International negotiations in environment
- Trade and Environment
  - Natural resource valuation case studies
  - Climate Change
Climate Change
Mitigation: power sector, renewables, energy efficiency
Potential estimation and baseline development in Cement, Transport, Hotel and Power Sectors
Adaptation and impacts: agriculture and insurance
  - Technology transfer
  - Clean Development Mechanism

For more information on IRADe, please visit www.irade.org


Dr Jyoti Parikh
Executive Director
Integrated Research and action for Development (IRADe)
50 Asian games Village, Khelgaon
NewDelhi 110049
Tel: 91 11 2649 5522
Fax: 91 11 2649 0126
E-mail: jparikh@irade.org