United Nations Environment Programme
Division of Technology, Industry, and Economics
Economics and Trade Branch
UNEP Environmental Impact Assessment Training Resource Manual, Second Edition
English, in 2 volumes and 2 CD ROMs, (the Manual is 573 pages and the second volume consisting of transparency overheads is 226 pages), published June 2002

The Manual is designed specifically to assist trainers to:
1. identify local EIA needs and priorities;
2. custom design training courses to meet these needs;
3. undertake EIA training as part of a strategy for capacity building; and
4. encourage networking of EIA professionals to facilitate exchange of information and develop new skills.

The Manual forms the centrepiece of a package of EIA training materials, which includes two companion or supporting volumes:
(1) Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment: Towards an Integrated Approach;
(2) Case Studies of EIA Practice in Developing Countries.

The manual is in five main sections:
Section A introduces the manual and how to use it.
Section B describes the role and importance of EIA training and capacity building.
Section C contains the outline of a Training Needs Analysis, some or all of which can be used to identify or confirm the specific training requirements.
Section D contains advice on how to design, present and evaluate training courses.
Section E is a series of training topics addressing the key steps involved in the EIA process.

Electronic version of the UNEP EIA Training Resource Manual, Second Edition
UNEP EIA Training Resource Manual, Overhead Transparency Masters